Rytasha Rathore is bored, done & dusted with Badho Bahu

My brain has become a noodle, nothing left to offer in Badho Bahu: Rytasha Rathore

Talented & effervescent Rytasha Rathore, the female protagonist of & TV show Badho Bahu (Sunny Side Up and Hum Tum Telefilms, is happy that her show has completed one year of airtime, however, creatively  she is not happy anymore.

“At first there was something fresh to look forward to. But now after 400 episodes, my brain has become a noodle, there is nothing left more to offer,” says Rytasha to IndianWikiMedia.

Ideally she would want to move on. “Mentally I have already hung up my boots.  So let’s see what happens.”

So, what’s her take on the TV industry? “Here, only commerce works which is good from an employment and economic stand point. But   there is no space for creativity;   good work is not possible as you are always racing against the clock.  You don’t need education, just hard work and lady luck can make you big.”

Looking ahead this theater artist is not very gung-ho about future TV projects.  “Since stage does not offer much moolah, I am aiming for films.  My ultimate dream is to be part of great international projects.”

Ask her what might have made her show and character a hit and she says, “See, mostly TV sells lies, so when they come across a real character, who is not perfect, they relate with him or her. When I was narrated the story I was given a very realistic picture of how a fat girl changes society around her.  But sadly things did not pan out that way. She did her stuff, but I was not comfortable looking perfect with make-up etc. Let’s hope for the best in coming days.”

We wish her all the best.

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