Candid chat with Sargun Mehta

A relationship thrives only if both the parties connect from within: Sargun Mehta

Love is in the air on account of the effervescent occasion of , Valentine’s Day. We, at IndianWikiMedia, wondered how TV celebs celebrated the day of love. Do they indulge in outrageous displays of affection, or is it a more subtly-expressed occasion for them? We had a chat with TV and Punjabi film star Sargun Mehta to find out.

We found Sargun to be very forthcoming with her views on her love-bond with husband Ravi Dubey, and the elixir that makes their marriage tick.

When asked about the mantra of their love, she responds, “We are not like other married couples who only talk about every day ghar ki baat. Rather, we wish to evolve together, having the same passion and drives. We also dream for each other.Our discussions never involve others. It is not that we don’t care about the world; anybody who knows us is aware that if they ever need help, we are just a call away.”

So what keeps these two so much in love, even as relationships around them are breaking down left, right and center? She declares, “Spiritual bonding, I guess. Our souls search for each other; we have been together before this life and will be so even in future lives. I can’t move a step without him.”

After receiving this really sweet answer from Sargun, we can’t help quizzing her on the not-so-sweet topic of feeling a wee bit insecure that her partner might stray in this glamour industry the couple is a part of. Unfazed, she asserts, “I am the first person to point out the hottest girl to him at any party. We have no inhibitions to say that I would love to go out with a coffee with that good-looking guy or girl.”

She continues, “The insecurity you mention makes no sense, for if your other is only interested in the physical, he or she may leave the next morning, as you are bound to meet better-looking people. A relationship thrives only if both the parties connect from within.”

We ask her about the couple’s plans for the evening, to which she answers, “I am in Chandigarh for my film shooting, and he is doing his own thing, back in Mumbai. So, it’s just another normal day.”

Awww, so isn’t V Day a big deal for them? She replies coolly, “Priorities change with age. For college kids, 14th Feb might be huge, but we have now come down to accept that every day is the day of love.”

We persist with getting some nuggets of info out of her, querying her on the best gift Ravi has given her till date. She shoots back, “Although we have a no-gift pact, he always break sit by giving me something really beautiful, like last year, he got me a Gucci bag.”

“I, on the contrary, follow the pact and had last baked a cake for him, which sadly had not come out well”, she says with a smile.

That’s such a cute love story, Sargun. IndianWikiMedia wishes you and Ravi the best in the future and in married life.

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