Khalid Siddiqui who is part of Dadi Amma Dadi Amma Maan Jaao the Star Plus show gets into a conversation with

Dadi Amma Dadi Amma Maan Jaao is all about differing ideologies: Khalid Siddiqui

Khalid Siddiqui is quite similar in real life to his character in the Star Plus show Dadi Amma Dadi Amma Maan Jaao.

“Both of us are quite content in our respective lives. I always feel that one should not always be in a rush to get somewhere, instead take a breather to enjoy what you already have on your plate. Peace of mind is most essential to me when compared to all the riches in the world,” says Khalid.

Point out that his on-screen wife Rekha (Shilpa Tulaskar) scolds him for his carefree attitude, and he says. “It is equally not wrong to be ambitious; our show is not about right or wrong, but differing ideologies.”

“It is important to note that Sundaralal ji does not stop his sons, Shlok and Dhruv (Abhishek Singh Pathania and Ankit Raizada, respectively) from chasing their dreams, whatever they may be.”

“While my strong role might not be longish, but that is how I want my career to be. I can’t work 30 days a month.”

Here he expresses his thanks to Rajshri Productions for again casting him .“I have worked with them twice before. Last time around I played the negative Mr Kapoor and now the perfect father, so they are also giving me different roles,” says Khalid who was seen in Piya Albelaa and Ek Shringaar – Swabhimaan earlier.

Point out that ratings of Dadi Amma Dadi Amma Maan Jaao are bit low he says, “We have opened to 1.2 and hope to rise above that.”

“Luckily for us, though, since our show is a limited series with a clear beginning, middle, and an end, so no chances of mid-stream changes.”

“I personally like limited series for then we get time to dabble in other formats as well. I am also doing digital stuff for Nikhil Advani and Goldie Behl.”

Khalid, who has been around for years, first starting with TVC (ads) before properly moving to TV with Dream Girl says, “For me, respect come above everything else. Luckily I don’t get into other personal issues, I do my work and leave, so in return, I get my due.”

How do gen next of TV behave with you?

“Most look up to me seeing my years of experience. But yes, I have heard certain new stars do throw their weight around, but then they don’t last long.”

Best of luck, Khalid!!

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