Pranav Misshra of Zee TV show Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahin wants to put the past behind him, and look ahead. He and co-star Jyoti Sharma had major issues with the production house (Piyush Gupta and Jatin Sethi). There was talk of them leaving the show, but eventually the project shut down itself (the last episode aired on 2nd Feb).

“I had promised CINTAA (actor body that had mediated) and the producer that I will not talk about this issue in the media. So I will not say much, except that I am taking care of my health, which suffered a lot. Every experience, positive or negative teaches you a lot, and I have had my learning. Henceforth, I will not pick up anything in a hurry for sure.”

“I am in talks for a couple of fresh projects. I have tried different genres over the past eight years–historical (Jodha Akbar), mytho/fantasy (Naagin), youth show (MTV Girls on Top), and last, but not the least, the above hard-core drama, which changed the ball game for me. I am open to all roles which freak me out, believing in the old adage– when the going gets tough, the tough gets going.”

Furthermore, after Insomnia, he is game for more short films. “I have already done 15-20 shorts with very diverse roles. TV does not give you creative satisfaction; so I try to find it in the digital space.”

We then shift gear to social media chatter, which suggests that some female fans are apparently miffed with Pranav for hiding his marital status. He only came out that he was taken, when the show was ending. “I did not intend to hide. If I wanted to do that, why would I have come out now? My wife Arundhati Sharma is very supportive of my career and one of the people who are instrumental in my success. I love all my fans and just wish to tell them that in life, everything depends on the way you perceive things. The age-old glass-half-full-half-empty theory comes into play. For me, life is beautiful; so, everything else is good.”

Wish you success, Pranav.