The episode of Bade Achhe Lagte Hain starts with Tam burning the contract papers.Ram tells Priya that he trusts her and he believes that they both are loyal to each other. On the other hand, Nandani and Shubham are planning on destroying the bond between Ram and Priya. Shubham tells Nandani that he hates Ram. The doorbell rings and a boy gives Shubham a packet of medicine that Ram ordered. Nandani is in shock after knowing that Ram was sick as he ate prawns and Ram didn’t tell her but Priya.

Later on, in Ram’s room, Ram takes only 5 minutes to shower and Priya asks Ram to show her the automatic geyser.Ram flex about his automatic geyser to Priya and tell her that there are in total 18 rooms in this house and each room has an automatic geyser. Nandani enters Ram’s room and asks Priya to call her mom. Nandini lashes out at Ram as he didn’t tell her about the allergy he got during the wedding. Meera is missing Priya. After a while, Nandani calls Meera to confirm whether she had prawns on her menu, to which she replies no.

Ram and Priya are ready to sleep. Ram asks Priya to pass the medicine tray. Priya tells Ram that her hobbies include sleeping on time and it helps keep one fit.Ram tells Priya that his hobby is eating sweets. Priya feels bad for Ram’s loss. In the morning Nandani meets Vedika and blames her for Ram’s sickness. Vedika tells Nandani that she won’t ever hurt Ram. Ram waits for Priya to eat breakfast.