The episode of Bade Acche Lagte Hain 2 starts with shivina telling everyone that she doesn’t want to get married today as Akshay has an important shoot to attend. Ram asks her to think about her decision once again as she wanted to get married to Akshay for so long. Nandani tells everyone that Shivina has taken a really good decision and that Akshay should agree to it. Akshay agrees to Shivina’s decision and postponed their wedding.

Priya’s family leaves Ram’s house as Ram and Priya say goodbye to them. Nandani prepares for Priya’s Griha Pravesh. Ram thanks Nandani for everything. Later on, Shubham and Nandani plan on separating Ram and Priya. After a while, Priya’s dad scolds his wife as he finds out the truth that she tried to separate Ram and Priya.

Ram and Priya enter their room and shivina escorts Priya. Priya tells Ram that Shivina loves her more than Ram. Later on, Priya’s suitcase falls off and Ram helps her collect her clothes. Priya gives Ram a frame saying trust. Priya tells Ram that she will always want Ram to trust her and that she doesn’t want anything from Ram but loyalty. After seeing Priya’s faith in Ram, Ram brings the contract papers that Priya signed and burns them by saying that he trusts her.