The episode of Bade Acche Lagte Hai starts with Ram changing clothes in his room. Ram is confused about whether he should or should not eat his breakfast without Priya. Priya enters Ram’s room and sees the mess Ram has made with his clothes. Priya asks Ram to fold his clothes. Ram tries to fold but he is not able to do that. Ram’s Blood Pressure rises and Priya offers him a glass of water. Ram takes his medicine and calms down.

Priya apologises to Ram as she asks him to fold clothes and asks him to have breakfast. Ram is starving and eats his breakfast in a rush. Ram surprised Priya by offering her ghee upma. Vedika on the other hand is worried about Ram’s health as she tries to find out who mixed prawns in his dish on the wedding day. Vedika sees Ram’s and Priya’s photos in the newspaper and says to herself that she still cares about Ram.

Later on, Ram offers Priya a lift to which she declines and both decide to travel by auto.

Shivina on the other hand is in Sara’s bakery and she advises Sara to tie up with Tam’s company to which she says no as Ram belongs to her family now. In a while, Sara gets a call from her husband and she goes to meet him and ask Shivina to take care of the bakery for ½ an hour. Once Sara leaves the bakery, sid comes to the bakery to say hi to shivina and ask her whether they can be friends again. Raj clicks a pic of shivina and did together and send it to Sarika mama.

Ram is uncomfortable sitting in the auto as he is scared of his phone getting robbed. Ram and Priya reach the office. Shashi enters Ram’s office.