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The looks of various personalities become an inspiration for many and create an identity for themselves. Mohsin Khan the Handsome Hunk of Television has grabbed the attention of many with his eye-catching looks.

Eye-catching looks of TV’s handsome hunk Mohsin Khan

Mohsin Khan is an Indian television actor and assistant director. He is currently playing the role of Kartik Goenka, in Star Plus’ soap Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. For which he is greatly appreciated.

Mohsin Khan might be the super supportive and doting husband on screen, but his hotness and chiselled good looks don’t ever go unnoticed! Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’s Kartik is a handsome hunk who can make you skip a beat merely with his candid poses. With his height, smile and chiselled features, he is one of the distinct looking hunks in TV town. Mohsin’s forte is romance, which is what has made him so popular amongst the hunk.

Eye-catching looks of TV's handsome hunk Mohsin Khan 3

Mohsin Khan has an amazing way of dressing and his looks grab the attention of the people. He has an amazing and unique style which makes his appearance damn classy and favourite amongst all others. Mohsin Khan is the best superstar of Television who has got all stylish skills and is seen to be top when it comes to dressing and style. Whether styled to sophisticated perfection in the sexy boardroom look or flopping enticingly on his forehead with delightful boyish charm, Mohsin’s hair is divinely sexy.

Eye-catching looks of TV's handsome hunk Mohsin Khan 2

Mohsin Khan carries each and every style, with an aura of confidence prefixed and suffixed to it. Mohsin Khan is a handsome hunk he knows exactly how to carry and wearing what! Be it his trendy casuals or modern denim outfits, his amazing formal suit or the traditional pathani kurta, Mohsin Khan has nailed every style file with the utmost of flair and ease.

Eye-catching looks of TV's handsome hunk Mohsin Khan 1

Mohsin Khan looks his best in Black and that Black is definitely his colour. This handsome guy is a stunner and black is just a cherry on the top. Be it a black jacket, suit or shirt or any black outfit it gives an ace to his personality. In each and every look he is super classy and cute and never leaves gives back any comment.

Eye-catching looks of TV's handsome hunk Mohsin Khan 4

Even if he is simply dressed and candidly captured, we can’t help but notice how sexy he looks! This handsome hunk seems to have the perfectly right profile for the pictures or maybe he just looks that good from every angle. We are going with the latter.

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