Akanksha Chamola talks about her emotional journey playing the mother in Zee TV’s Bhootu.

I feel very good about playing a mother – Akanksha Chamola

Akanksha Chamola is very happy with the way her character in Zee TV’s Bhootu (Esselvision) has been progressing.

She plays the role of Anindita, the mother of Pihu. And Akanksha considers this role as the most difficult role to play in the otherwise light-hearted show!!

Says Akanksha, “To be honest, it is very difficult to play Anindita. Yes, she has many shades, but it is depressing at the same time to be crying always. I start to cry when I enter the set, and do the same till I pack up. If you have seen it, my character is the only one which has so many layers. Earlier, the lady had to portray the loving side of the mother, she is now a mother longing for her child, at the same time, is strong who wants to seek revenge for her kid’s death and in between all this, she is somewhere mentally very unstable.”

On her preparation to play this role she says, “Honestly, there was no time to prepare for it. I have heard that many actors prepare and do a lot of home work. In the given role, what home work can anyone do? I am playing the role of a mother who has lost her child. So it will be very insensitive and unpolite of me to ask people as to how they would feel if they lose their child. I am just trying to do what I can. I get a lot of help from my set. My Director helps me out; DOP and assistant directors help me out. If my scenes are coming out well, then my job is done.”

Ask her about taking the decision of playing a mother at this early age and she states, “Being an actor, for me, every role is special. I feel very good about playing a mother. The fear of being typecast has never been with me. I started off from my first show Swaragini where I played a negative role. I was a bhabhi in that. After Swaragini, I have been offered lot of positive roles in addition to being offered the negative ones. People have a misconception that if you play a negative, you will never get a positive. I have not followed that notion at all; I am now doing a positive mother’s character in Bhootu..”

Talking about the little angel Arshiya Mukherjee who essays her daughter in the show and she says, “She is a sweetheart on the set. Anyone will fall in love with her. I have a special bond with her right from the moment I saw her. We immediately connected when we saw each other. I am now very close to her mother, and close to her too. She calls me ‘Mamma’ on the sets and I don’t think she even remembers my real name. She sleeps in my room; I am with her all day.”

Akanksha Chamola who is married to popular actor Gaurav Khanna is in no hurry to get into the family way. “Well, you need to ask Gaurav as to when we want a kid (smiles). On a serious note, we both are now concentrating on our careers. Also, we had very less time to know each other before marriage. We immediately took the plunge and got married. So we want to enjoy life and then take it forward.”

Akanksha, we wish you all the luck!!


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