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Indian television’s popular actor Sailesh Gulabani talks about his Health Culture…

My fitness mantra is to eat healthy and exercise regularly: Sailesh Gulabani

Smart and handsome Sailesh Gulabani looks ripped these days. A charmer to the core, he is on a mission to lead a healthy life. The master performer, who has been in the industry for over a decade now, looked stylish & fit to the core smiling for the camera at the IndianWikiMedia launch bash held earlier this year.

Sailesh has enthralled viewers with his hypnotic performances in popular shows like Ladies Special, Sasural Genda Phool, Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya, Siya Ke Ram, among others. Taking time off from his busy schedule, he chats with us on his fitness mantra and more…excerpts…

What do you eat Healthy?

I eat everything but don’t eat full out. I even eat junk food but in less quantity. I have started maintaining balance in my eating habits and ensure that what I eat is controlled and helps me to achieve my fitness goals.

What are your Health Culture Rituals?

My Health Culture rituals are to exercise daily and maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle. I believe health is wealth and you should be always positive in life.

What do you do to maintain Fitness?

My fitness mantra is to eat healthy and exercise regularly. Exercise is not only about gymming but also indulging in some outdoor and indoor activities. I have started playing squash. I also work out for 15-20 mins everyday.

Your take on preventive healthcare…wherein you keep a constant tab on your health…

I do believe in the saying precaution is better than cure. People take steroids without consultation to gain muscles but that is very harmful in the long run. I would suggest people to take proper precautions instead of regretting later.

Have you ever tried any Oxygen Therapy session?

Not yet, but at your party I did get introduced to the idea, thanks to Health Culture’s presence there. I would like to experience it soon and will tell you more about it.

What do you recommend to your Fans to maintain their Fitness Levels?

My fitness tip for my fans is to eat healthy and exercise daily. The key is to maintain balance and enjoy life. Be happy, be healthy.

Indeed, some uber cool tips from Sailesh. Enjoy the innovative Oxygen Therapy at medical spa Health Culture today. To know more about Health Culture and its amazing services, click below…

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