In conversation with Megha Chakraborty

Was Gaurav Sareen dropped from Krishna Chali London due to tantrum-throwing? – Megha Chakraborty is Unsure

Megha Chakraborty of Star Plus show, Krishna Chali London (KCL) come back TV project might be in doldrums due to COVID -19.

“I was in advance talks for one project; mock shoots too had been done. But now everything might be revaluated whenever the lockdown lifts.”

So how are you passing time?

“I am now getting used to staying locked in. Apart from the regular workouts and trying homemade beauty treatments, I also have to deck up and go on the roof to shoot creative videos and portraits to stay active on social media. Work calls also continue to pour in; I am sending self-tests from home. So fingers crossed.”

Talking about KCL, Megha says, it made me a household name. I did not expect to be mobbed in Kolkata thinking Bengali shows do better here. But I was pleasantly surprised when people came forward to click pictures.” She also was seen in & TV’s Badi Devrani.

Here Megha expresses her disappointment at the way her above show shut shop.

“I was agitated expecting it to go the long haul, given the great start. It is always risky to hold your show once you change your main lead ( Gaurav Sareen) midstream. Our on-screen chemistry was very much loved.”

Was it true that Gaurav was shown the door due to tantrums?

“I don’t know why Saurabh sir (producer Saurabh Tewari) did what he did. Was it tantrums or the channel wanted freshness in the story along with new lead (official line)?”

But then should the show not have been given more time to find it feet again as ratings will drop?

“These days channels don’t have much patience with experiments. If numbers don’t add up, out you for they already have a line of replacement shows.”

After playing sound, educated bahus, Megha now wants to try her hands at the comic genre. “I could not do much in Sony show

Peshwa Bajirao (character Mastani) so would look for more performance-oriented historical shows as well.”

“I am also game for juicy web characters across languages. Having done Bengali TV and films,” ends she.