Zee TV’s popular singing reality show, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li’l Champs has been winning over everyone’s heart courtesy the amazing performances by the wonderful contestants. After a week of the splendid Teacher’s Day celebrations, this week the popular reality show is set to celebrate the unsung heroes that live and breathe amongst us, our mothers. The Li’l champs will be seen performing to songs that are dedicated to all the mothers in the world because, after all, there is no particular day to celebrate mothers!  

While this week, the Maa special episode will have all the contestant’s mothers introducing them on stage, our judges as well as the host are also set to see a remarkable surprise from their own respective mothers via a video message. In this regard, a special mention to Maniesh Paul’s mother who sent a heart touching video for him. Our beloved host was unable to meet his mother for almost 8 months now due to the unfortunate nationwide lockdown, this video message from his mother evoked a rather emotional outburst within him when he could not help but hold back his tears. 

Maniesh Paul shared, “This is indeed an extremely overwhelming moment for me. Sadly, due to the lockdown, I wasn’t able to visit my mother in almost 8 months and I miss her terribly. Words always fall short when I have to speak about her. She means the world to me. All my achievements in life, I owe it to my mother. I was rather naughty and mischievous as a kid and she has always handled me with such love and care. I hope these critical times pass by soon so I could finally go and meet my mother. I love her eternally. This message was indeed very sweet.” 

While it did take Maniesh Paul a moment to get his emotions in place, he very effortlessly switched to this mode of being a power entertainer that he is and went on to sing a special song as a tribute to his mother. Furthermore, while remembering his childhood, Manish shared an adorable anecdote involving his mother. He said, “I have been a huge fan of Bachhan Sahab since childhood. I remember wearing this shirt in Amitabh Sir’s style and without any exchange of dialogue, I went and stood in front of my mother. She used to take a good look at me, pull out a sketch pen and write Mard on my chest just like Bachhan Sahab had in his movie. And then only I would leave the house. She’s also a great admirer of my meagre attempt at singing and used to flaunt this skill of mine to everyone she knew. I take this opportunity to thank my mom for being ever so amazing and loving.” 

During this ‘Ma Special’ episode, viewers will see the supremely talented Li’l Champs presenting some melodious performances to some of the most iconic songs. While contestant Zaid will light up the stage with an amazing performance to Chunar song, it will be contestants Tanishka and Saee who will get the viewers emotional with the performance to the song Dilbaro. All in all, the upcoming episode of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li’l Champs will have a lot of melodies, and surprises for the viewers.