Candid chat with Aasiya Kazi

It is very heartening to be known by your name and good work done: Aasiya Kazi

Aasiya Kazi, aka Santu of NDTV Imagine show, Bandani, is back to TV after a two-year-long break. She is playing Namrata, in Discovery JEET show, Mere Papa Hero Hiralal.

“It is an interesting show and different in the sense that after a long time, we have a channel that focuses on male protagonists. I am loving my positive mother character. It is very important for me to feel happy after a hard day’s work, and that is what this show gives me”, says Aasiya, last seen as Ganga, in Balika Vadhu, way back in 2016.

Talking about the show’s concept of a father’s love for his daughter, she says, “While fathers love their daughters equally, it is just that they are not as expressive as mothers. They also work very hard to provide for their children’s comfort and education.”

“I am very close to my real-life dad. He has always supported me in whatever I have done. If I want something, I will ask Dad, for I know he will say yes even if Mom is not ready. He is more attached to me than to my brother, though he loves both of us equally.”

Ask Aasiya about the break between Balika Vadhu and now, and she says that she was busy spending time with family and friends. “Plus, I did not want to do anything just for being seen.”

Could she not have chosen a more known channel for her comeback, as Discovery Jeet has just started?  She says, “It is not a matter of new or old; everything boils down to a good story, well told. Have we not seen shows on bigger channels also shutting shop in quick time? Every channel comes with its own destiny, so let’s hope this one works out. We are leaving no stone unturned from our side.”

Talking about her nine-year acting journey, she says, “God has been kind. I have always been getting work. Even when I am not doing TV projects, I am busy doing events, etc. It is very heartening to be known by your name and good work done.”Aasiya has done other shows such as Hitler Didi and Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha 2 as well.

In closing, we ask this 27-year-old about her equation with actor-boyfriend, Gulshan Nain and any plans to get hitched soon. She replies, “We have never made anything official. I always keep my private life out of media circulation, and as far as marriage goes, not now. I will let the whole world know whenever I am ready.”

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