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Television land's Rapunzel - Aasiya Kazi..!

Tenali Rama actress Aasiya Kazi reveals the secret of her luscious hair

Aasiya Kazi who is currently seen in Tenali Rama certainly is the Rapunzel of the Tellyland. Anyone who has met her and known her will agree with it. The first thing you notice about this talented actress is the length of her hair. In today’s time where we are always short of time, having almost ankle-length hair certainly would be a task to maintain.! We spoke to Aasiya about her hair and the mystery behind it..!

Not many people can maintain or like to have this long hair in today’s time, how come you chose it?

The length of my hair is hereditary, my grandmother had it so did my mom. It’s a god gift. I always felt I should get a haircut and I had cut my hair short until shoulders in the 9th std out of anger. Because everyone in school used to get fancy cuts like layers and steps and at that age you feel like trying new things and even I felt like trying a new cut but my mom didn’t agree. Out of rage and the curiosity of trying something new I cut my hair off but then they again grew as its hereditary and then I started liking it too. My father also asked me to live my life as I want it but he too doesn’t like me cutting my hair.

Does the length of your hair ever create a hurdle in the characters you play.?

There are a few hurdles because my hair is long and they have no layers or styling prospects. At first, I had super straight hair hence I used my original hair in a plat or open but with time the show required short length and particular kind of styling leaving me no option so I cut my hair in layers partially from the front but the back length remained the same. The other issues are even if I have to hide that length in a wig it’s a big task as in making three plats of that length then pack it and hide it in the wig makes it heavy on my head and handling that weight on the head for the whole day is a task.

How do your hairdressers react after seeing the length of your hair?

Whenever I go for any shoot or show, my hair is always tied up and as soon as I open my hair the hairdressers just get numb for a bit as they are clueless what to do. They aren’t used to dealing with this hair length so certainly they get a little stressed as in how would they handle that length and they also fear damage. Initially, they are nervous but once they successfully style it they feel it’s a huge achievement.

In your current show, how is the styling?

My current look first had a plat then open hair so the plat was made out of my original hair and for thickness they added gang van. For open hair, we are using my original length but I have called for a wig because managing my original hair for 12-13 hours is not possible, as during shoot the hair does get damaged so till the wig does not arrive I am using my hair and then will move on to the wig.

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