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If you had to pick between the charming and stunning pair of Kartik & Naira, and the mushy 90s lovers Sameer & Naina, who would be your first choice?

Here’s why Kartik-Naira or Sameer-Naina: We rate the best Indian TV jodi

Wondering who Indian television’s best jodis could be? Well, we have to say that there are quite a few amazing contenders out there but today we rate the sizzling Kartik & Naira and the lovey-dovey Sameer & Naina.

When it comes to television jodis, we are definitely reminded of the goal setting couple Kartik and Naira, or as their fans call them- #KaiRa!

Their chemistry, those romantic moments they share on-screen and the husband and wife couple goals they leave us with, audiences just can’t seem to get enough of this on-screen duo. The actors, Mohsin Khan and Shivangi Joshi, have become famous in every Indian household and their characters have become brand names already, and it is all because of their spark-inducing chemistry on-screen, which we are certain stems from their great bonding off-screen as well.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai is one of the most-viewed shows of Sony TV and this 90s themed serial has a lead pair that reminds almost everyone of those 90s Bollywood love stories! Yes, Sameer, played by Randeep Rai, and Naina, played by Ashi Singh, are a terrific couple and their chemistry is stunning but not like the modern day romance that we would assume. Sameer and Naina have the flavour of the 90s non-digital romance, where sitting across the desk and eyeing one another and talking through their eyes or simply shying out around the other is all too relatable and their love blossoms in this very environment.

If we had to choose between either of these couples, it’s a really tough call and we would simply end up rating them 5 star couples, because they have changed the way audiences look at love and portrayed how the younger generation is in relationships and their maturity all too well.

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