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Nishant Malkani in conversation with IWMBuzz

Humanity had crossed the line, there had to be a pause button – Nishant Malkani

Nishant Malkani, who has impressed one and all with his acting prowess in Zee TV show Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega, got into

a casual convo with IWMBuzz over the extent and fallout of the lockdown. Excerpts

It has been over forty days since no shoots, how is life treating you?

At first, it was tough, but now I am getting used to it. I am passing the time doing video chats, reading books, and checking out the latest web series. And yes, daily chores are a given for one and all. Philosophically speaking, I believe that humanity had crossed the line, and as it happens, there has to be a pause button. Let’s hope we learn the correct lessons.

Can the TV industry get back to work, post-May 17, when lockdown 3 lapses?

The recent rapid rise of Mumbai COVID- 10 cases ( Numbers may top 70K -1lk by month-end), might compel the govt to declare the entire megapolis as a containment one zone. Hence, I don’t think shoots albeit with restrictions can résumé before any time before August.

There is some chatter suggesting that leads actors might be asked TO move bag and baggage to sealed set to avoid contamination?

No such talk so far, but if it does come to it, I might agree however difficult it sounds as work comes above all.

Is there a risk of your show losing steam?

Not only Guddan, but all TV offerings also face the barrel as three months is too long a time to retain audience interest. As far as I see, the web is the biggest gainer of the absence of new tube software.

Can you dwell more on the web vs TV scene?

Since everyone is at home, there is a yearning need for content, And Ramayana does not telecast more than an hour, So everyone, including tier 2 tier 3 audiences (TV staple) have started sampling web, Which let’s face is better in terms of plots and more natural acting. Whenever TV resumes, we all will have to buckle up content-wise lest digital wave sweeps us away. There is room for all types of content, including perverted stuff as well.

What is your good friend and Guddan co-star Kanika Mann doing in lockdown?

She is enjoying time with family back in Panipat (Haryana). She left Mumbai in the nick of time.

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