Actor Nishant Malkaani has been one of the most popular faces on the small screen for a while now, and he continues to explore different avenues, and he recently joined the wagon of lending his voice for an audio series, titled Insta Empire.

The series that airs on Pocket FM has Malkaani playing and voicing a complex character. In an exclusive conversation with IWMBuzz, Malkaani talked about how different it is doing an audio series than traditional acting, the peculiarity about the show and if he has been an audio series listener, along with his favourites.

Q. How has the experience of working on an audio series been so different from the visual medium? What has been the biggest learning?

Working on an audio series is quite different from traditional acting. Here, we portray characters that listeners already have pictures of in their minds. It’s essential for us to truly capture the emotions these listeners expect. This has taught me just how powerful a voice can be in telling a story.

Q. What’s the peculiarity about the series being titled ‘Insta Empire’?

The title ‘Insta Empire’ is unique because it perfectly captures the dramatic journey of Naksh, the character I portray. Playing Naksh has been an emotional rollercoaster, from the highs of ambition to the lows of betrayal. It’s been a challenging yet rewarding experience, and our team has worked hard to bring this story to life. I believe our audience will really enjoy what we’ve created.

Working with Pocket FM on this audio series has opened my eyes to the power of audio storytelling, offering a new way to connect with listeners. It’s exciting to see how entertainment mediums are evolving.

Q. Are you an audio series listener? What has been your favorite?

I wasn’t really into audio series before, but working on ‘Insta Empire’ with Pocket FM has completely changed my perspective on this form of storytelling. It’s incredible how powerful audio storytelling can be, and I think our audience will really enjoy it. Now, having had the chance to collaborate with Pocket FM, I am eager to dive into more audio series.