Ankit Narang turns a baddie yet again after Pavitra Rishta and Divya Drishti for Star Plus show Udti Ka Naam Rajjo. After playing an extremely positive character in Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana, Ankit gets to his menacing best.

In a candid chat with, Ankit talks about his role and the challenges playing the menacing Vicky.

Read on.

Are you back to being the baddie with this new role?

Yes, after Pavitra Rishta and Divya Drishti, this is my third negative role and a very different one. In Pavitra Rishta, I was a Bihari gunda made by circumstances. In Divya Drishti, I was a very sophisticatedly cheap villain and now this is somebody who just needs money by hook or by crook. He is a very mast maula gunda with a bad temper. Ek baar satki to satki type… I am loving to explore a negative role differently for the third time. Grateful.

How has this contrast been after Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana?

It’s totally opposite from ZMGA. Angad was such a nice man.. he is the kind of guy every girl would love to take to her mother. But Vicky woh hai jiske aas paas bhi koi bhatke to usko bech khaaye..

How would you describe Vicky?

Vicky is a mast maula tapori gunda who wants to earn money by shortcuts. He could go to any length even for some 100s or thousands. He could be similar to Bhiku Mhatre although bhiku ka imaan dharam to tha, iska to imaan hai hi nahi.

You have a great equation with Mukta from the days of Divya Drishti. Tell us about it.

Yes, she is an amazing producer. Very generous and kind. She has always given me opportunities/roles I could never think of. She really inspired me to tap into my potential as an actor. And I also think she believes in me as a performer, otherwise who else would offer you two strikingly different parts? I am really grateful to her for that.

What do you think about the concept of Udti Ka Naam Rajjo?

The concept sounds really interesting to me. It is a love story that holds ground and at the same time points out to prevalent disparity of mindsets in our society.

What can viewers look forward to with your entry?

Vicky’s entry will create some havoc in Rajjo’s life. So viewers can really expect high-end drama in the coming episodes.

How is it working with Celesti and Rajveer?

I have just shot with them for 3 days as of now. Both are extremely nice. Celesti is very giving as a co-actor, very generous and easy to be with. I haven’t interacted with Rajveer much, but he is nice and cordial. In fact every cast member has been welcoming. Good vibe.

What are your expectations from this role?

I really don’t know, because I am exploring Vicky with every new day that I am shooting. But he seems very interesting. He will keep you entertained with his taporipan and will also scare you with his fierce nature.