Actor Himanshu Soni considers himself lucky to be getting roles that are different and challenging. He presently plays the lead in Zee TV’s new show Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai.

In an exclusive conversation with, Himanshu talks at length about his long fruitful association with Zee TV, his role in the new show and much more.

Read on.

How does it feel to get back to Zee TV with the new show Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai? Explain the fruitful association you have with the channel?

I found the character in the show on Zee TV, Kyunki Saas Maa Bhu Beti Hoti Hai, to be very different from what I have played before. I always try my best to not be repetitive in my roles. I work a lot on my look for every role. I work a lot on where the character belongs to. This character is from Gujarat, so I have adapted to the Gujarati slang. He is a fun-loving boy, a typical desi munda. I thank Zee TV. The biggest show of my career came on Zee TV, with Buddha. Zee TV has always trusted me for the past 10 years. This is my fourth show on Zee TV, after Buddha, Neeli Chhatri Wale, Agar Tum Na Hote and this one now. I am grateful to Zee TV.

Again playing a character so different from your earlier ones, what prompted you to take up this role?

If an actor has the hunger to do something different, he looks for the differences in the kind of roles he takes. This is a good role, a different role, mature enough, fun-loving.

Tell us about Kabeer and how you see him?

Kabeer is different from what I have performed earlier. I am not so loud, and not comic as Kabeer. Kabeer is desi, fun-loving, soft-hearted, and a good human being. He is a good son, a good friend and will be a good lover and husband too. He has a lot of shades in his character, and I enjoy playing him.

Is there any similarity you have with Kabeer’s traits?

Not at all. I am never like Kabeer. But I try to get into the character and be in his character always. I try to be in sync with my character 24/7. I have taken a lot of inspiration from life to mould into Kabeer.

How would you describe this unique concept of the show?

Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai is very different. A mother adopts a girl child thinking her to be her daughter-in-law and not her daughter. I believe in this concept. The problems that a joint family can have and how this girl manages to survive all the problems will give viewers a realistic feel.

How does it feel to choose a strong male lead’s role amidst the many women-oriented shows that get made on TV. Your take on it.

Touchwood, God has been kind to me. I am blessed. Yes, a lot of women-oriented shows get made. That is the norm, but I have been lucky.

How lucky have you been to prove your mettle on the TV medium where mostly women-oriented shows get made?

As I said, I have been lucky. Whatever has come to me, has had a lot of scope for the male lead. I try my best to select the best one. I am happy that my hard work is being considered and I am getting good roles.

What do you expect from this new role?

I want people to like my role. I want people to love this show. It is a very pure and real story. So I want the show to be loved more. An actor’s recognition comes along with the success of a show.

How is it to work with the experienced Manasi and the new lead Navika?

I have been impressed with Mansiji from the time of the promo. She is a seasoned actress, very humble and down to earth. Mansiji bonds so very well with all. She instructs all to sit together and eat together. So when I made my entry into the set, I was told that this is a rule set by Mansiji, so that we get along very well and eat together. We work in a positive environment. Navika is very good. She is known to me through a common friend. Acting is all about action and reaction. She is a very good actress and I enjoy sharing screen space with her.

Is there any dream role that has eluded you?

Yes, I want to be part of a hardcore love story.

What or who inspires you to bring out the best as a performer?

My wife Sheetal is my biggest critic. So I get scared when it is time for her to give me my feedback. She helps me a lot when it comes to developing a new character within me. She even points out to me my flaws, and I immediately correct it.

Your message to fans.

I have completed 10 years with Zee TV. Buddha came in 2013, in August or September. You have given me immense love in all these years. I am less active on social media. I will try my best to put up pictures and make reels. I will try my best to connect with my fans on social media. I thank all of you for showering love on me for all these years.