Farnaz Shetty talks about her entry in the &TV show.

It is important for me to love my character and the message she sends out – Farnaz Shetty on her entry in &TV’s SiddhiVinayak

It is never easy to replace another actor in a TV show. Farnaz Shetty, who is taking the place of Neha Saxena in &TV show, SiddhiVinayak, is quite honest when asked about the same. SiddhiVinayak is produced by Prashant Bhatt and Sanjay Memane’s Studio B&M.

Says Farnaz about the development, “I would have been heartbroken, had I been replaced, but having said that, I would take it in my stride, realizing that nothing is bigger than the show, and maybe the other person is better. I would rather learn from the experience, and try to get better in the future. Nevertheless, we have given a very dignified exit to Neha.”

Interestingly, Farnaz had entered post-leap in both her previous, long-running shows as well. “Thus, I always have to carry a back story forward. Here also, it is something similar. My character has undergone plastic surgery and has lost her identity.”

“There is a lot of responsibility and mental pressure on the new artist who enters a well-established set. The new entrant has to strike a working relationship with the cast, and also justify himself / herself in the character from scratch. The older actor has delivered a certain performance, so there will be comparisons too. Accordingly, our game has to be upped as well. My character gives a strong message to society, that come what may, you should never give up,” Farnaz explains.

This is Farnaz’s second back-to- back daily with &TV. Does she not want to work with channels that have higher GRPs? “I never go for ratings. When I had first signed up for Veera, I had no idea that it would become such a big hit. I just went with the flow, loving the way the producer had narrated the script.”

“Also, I prefer going for a strong show on a smaller channel, rather than settling for an ordinary show on a bigger channel, for it is very important for me to love my character and the message she sends out,” Farnaz quips.

In closing, the pretty girl refused to comment on recent media reports that suggested that she had broken up with boyfriend and Waaris co-star, Niel Motwani. “I don’t want to talk about my personal life”, she states, when we asked her point blank if she was still dating him.

Best of luck for the new role, Farnaz!!


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