Shafaq Naaz shares her favourite recipe and food interests with

I would love to cook for my friend Farnaz Shetty: Shafaq Naaz

Young and talented Shafaq Naaz, who has enthralled audience in shows like Chidiya Ghar and Mahakali, is a big-time foodie. The actress loves to cook.

In a candid chat with, Shafaq shared her favourite recipe and food interests

Check them here.

What is your favourite cheat food?

Chicken korma, biryani and choco lava.

Do you cook at home? What do you make?

Yes, I do cook at home as I like home-cooked food and I love cooking. I make really amazing chicken biryani and shahi paneer. Sorry, I don’t share my recipes it’s a secret. My friends ask me a lot about recipes and I tell them that I am only going to share the recipe with my daughter or son. It’s my Ammi’s recipe she used to make amazing biryani and mutton korma and I am glad I learned from her.

Veg or Non Veg?


Baked or fried?


Soup or salad?


One vegetable that you hate the most?

I like all the vegetables

Your erotica food?


Celebrity you would love to cook for?

I would love to cook for my friend Farnaz Shetty.

Midnight snack?

Cheese grill sandwich.

The dish that your family loves when you make:

Chicken korma.

The best compliment got was for which dish:

I get compliments all the time so don’t remember the best one but I guess I made keema katori and got an amazing compliment for it.

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