Kardashian sisters always keep themselves one step ahead in the glam and the business world. But, who is hotter among them?

Kim Kardashian vs Kylie Jenner: Who is more hottie?

Talking about the Kardashian family, there are two names that always pop out. Yes, it’s no other than the sisters Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner. Recently the sisters have posted their picture together in Bikini on Instagram. It’s very difficult to choose who is hotter when it comes to choosing between two fireballs.

Kylie has always been ahead ever since she launched Kylie Lip Kits in 2015 and later changed its name to Kylie Cosmetics in 2016. Kim launched her KKW Beauty in 2017 producing products like contour kits, perfumes etc. Although Jenner has seen more success than her other family members at a very young age. But coming to beauty and glam, the sisters always nail it equally. Everyone is obsessed with the Kardashian sisters.

Who among the sisters is more HOTTIE, according to you? Let us know.

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