Candid chat with Ashlesha Sawant.

I know I will not get lead bahu roles anymore: Ashlesha Sawant

Good looking actress, Ashlesha Sawant, who was last seen in the historical-fantasy space, courtesy Porus and Mayavi Maling, would love to do a classy detective show, next, “As India does need one. As a child, I was a very big X Files fan, and would really believe that aliens were there. I would dress up like Scullyand hunt for ET.”

Here, Ashlesha, who began with Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, says, “I am pragmatic enough to understand that I will not get lead bahu roles anymore, as they are reserved exclusively for 16-17 year-olds. I am 32 and have no problem in accepting my age. Having said that, I also believe that age is just a number and I am looking for good work, like how Priyanka Chopra is getting at 36.”

Ask her whether she gets her due, and she says,“I have been continuously making good moolah, show after show, but most did not last long due to TRP pressures. Hence, I decided to take a break and went overseas. On my return, I got the two above shows, but I don’t want to continue in the genre, for not only do most of them have shoots outside Mumbai, but even handling those costumes is a hassle.”

“Mayavi Maling sadly did not get the ratings; hence, it is shutting shop in just five months flat. As for Porus, I always knew that my character was there, just to take the story forward. It has no growth.”

Looking ahead,she would want to do web series. “But I am not a big fan of unnecessary sex and abuse. People seem to be taking advantage of the lack of censorship. Most offers that I have got are sleaze fests, where you need to expose and spew expletives.Like I said above, I am a sucker for good work, period.Even if it is a small role, no issues.”

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