Deeksha Kanwal Sonalkar who plays the role of Tejaswini in Kulfi Kumar Bajewala gets into a conversation.

I like the lively ambience on the sets of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Deeksha Kanwal Sonalkar

Deeksha Kanwal Sonalkar who is known for her portrayals in shows Bharat Ka Veer Putra – Maharana Pratap, My Name Ijj Lakhan etc plays a rough and tough cop in Kulfi Kumar Bajewala the Star Plus show produced by Gul Khan and Nilanjana Purkayasstha.

A role which can win her the tag of being the ‘Lady Singham of TV’, Deeksha is pretty excited on how things have panned up for her in the show.

Says Deeksha, “It is a very interesting role, as there is lot of action and intense moments involved. She is a cop and it is fun shooting those scenes. I am new on the set of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala, and on the very first day, I was in a disguised look for a scene where I was chasing Sikandar. And later when I walked on the set in my normal look, everyone looked at me as though they had never seen me before as it was totally different. When the Director took the character’s name, that was when the unit understood that it was the same person.”

Deeksha is happy being on a set which is so lively with kids around. “Every moment out there is enjoyable as there are a lot of kids. We keep playing with each other between shots and it is very cute to hear their talks.”

Talking about her role, that of the cop Tejaswini, Deeksha states, “She is someone who is very righteous like most cops are. She is a person who will want to stay with the truth. At this point, when Jimmy Gazdar has deployed her into helping him find his son, she thinks that he is innocent and that Sikandar is a bad guy. Her aim now is to nab Sikandar red-handed as she feels that he has kidnapped Fateh. It will be interesting to see how she will react when she will get to know of Jimmy’s truth. At this point of time she is trying to figure out how and whether she needs to arrest Sikandar for the kidnap of Fateh.”

As we know, Sikandar’s underlying truth in doing all this is that he wants to secure his daughters’ future as he is ailing and is about to die. Ask her if Tejaswini has a humane side to her, and she states, “Yes, she does. That is why she wants to find a proof against Sikandar in order to arrest him, even when Jimmy keeps saying that Sikandar is the culprit.”

This is the first time that Deeksha is playing a cop. “I have earlier played roles wherein I could be a bit of myself in some way or the other. But this role is totally different for me. It is a new experience playing a cop. With Tejaswini, the way she carries herself has to be very different. There has to be a formality in her conversation, as she is someone who you cannot mess with.”

“I have not beaten anyone up till now. So the action sequences are enjoyable (smiles),” she adds.

Will Tejaswini go on to be on Sikandar’s side later on? “Well, I really do not know how the track will pan out. Let us wait and watch.”

Best of luck, Deeksha for your stint in Kulfi Kumar Bajewala!!

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