Mohsin Khan and Parth Samthaan both own the television show in their own way. These handsome men are very well known for their ropes in serials like the Rishta kya Khelta hai and Kasuti Zindagi ki. Parth Samthaan is famous for his looks whereas Mohsin Khan is also a director.

Mohsin Khan vs Parth Samthaan: Who gets the TV King crown?

Parth Samthaan has done many commercials like close up and other brands too.

Mohsin Khan was the highest placed newcomer in Eastern Eye’s 50 Sexiest Asian Men in the world, for the Rishta kya Khelta Hai. He made his debut by the serial Nisha Aur uske cousins. He In 2017, Moshin holding the seventeenth spot. Moshin won the award for best actor in 2018 by the kalakar award was born and bought up in Gujarat and hence loves Gujarati culture. He is popular and well known for his acting and his fashion sense.

Whereas on the other side Parth Samthaan was born in Pune and love the Maharashtrian culture. He owns a degree in architecture. He is a bisexual actor. He has got great looks, is a superb actor and enjoy a lot of crazy fan Following. Parth Samthaan, popular as Manik Malhotra on MTV show Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan. Parth Samthan is active on social media and shares his daily happenings on social media. His acting and fashion that makes him popular and well known amongst all the audiences. Also, his charming personality makes him perfect in all ways.

Both of them have a huge fan base but Parth Samthaan might own the crown for the tv king As he has a huge female following and also has worked in many tv serials. As compared to Mohsin Khan, Parth Samthan rules the Television and also Instagram. He has 2 Million fans on Instagram whereas Mohsin has 1.4 Million. His style and acting are much popular than Mohsin Khan.

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