Not a single day starts for me without getting a tight hug from Mohit Bhaiya: Myra Singh of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala | IWMBuzz

Myra Singh aka Amyra Singh Gill of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala talks about her journey with the show on Children’s Day.

Not a single day starts for me without getting a tight hug from Mohit Bhaiya: Myra Singh of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala

Myra Singh fondly called Amyra Singh Gill is our next popular child celebrity to feature in our Children’s Day segment at

She’s cute, innocent and her charming smile speaks volumes!! Myra Singh is a power-packed actor at this young age, and exudes all energy and confidence into portraying the role of Amyra in the popular Star Plus show, Kulfi Kumar Bajewala produced by Gul Khan and Nilanjana Purkayasstha.

In an exclusive talk with Myra we at got to know more about the girl and her passion.


What are your thoughts on Children’s Day?

Everyday is special for kids. As kids, we have the innocence that can create magic and make everyone smile.

Which is your favorite sport?

My favorite sport is badminton, basketball, lawn tennis. However, my special sport will be basketball.

What is your favorite play moment?

When I come home and play in my doll house, I am the happiest. I enjoy playing with my dolls always.

What is your favorite hobby?

Singing is my favorite hobby. I like to read and play.

What is your most favorite past time on the set of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala?

The best moment was the time when Kulfi Kumar Bajewala had started and we spent all the time with our Dadi (Late Vidya Sinha), Tauji, Taiji, Mohit Bhaiya, Vishal Bhaiya, Anjali Didi and everyone else. We used to sit together and have lunch. We used to talk a lot and have fun together. I can never forget these moments. I will treasure them for life. I miss those days now.

What has been your most special moment on the set of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala?

When it was my birthday and everyone on the set made me feel really special and ordered a cake and celebrated the day with me.

What is your best memory as Amyra?

It has to be my first day with Mohit Bhaiya (Mohit Malik). I was very shy as it was my first day with Bhaiya. It was a scene where he hugs me and wishes me on my birthday. I remember even now that I had told Mohit Bhaiya on that day, to not hug me so tightly. And he had smilingly replied, I will hug you even more tightly (smiles). I was upset and I actually refused to shoot with Mohit Bhaiya. All the people on the set were so scared and tried hard to convince me to shoot (laughs). That day to this day, there has been such a sea change. Now even as Amyra and as Myra, not a single day starts for me without getting a tight hug from Mohit Bhaiya (smiles). He is so close to me and I enjoy being with him.

What do you wish to get from your family and co-actors on Children’s Day?

My family loves me a lot. I need not ask for anything; they give me all of it without me asking for it. Also I don’t need any occasion for them to shower their love and gifts on me. My family is the best. I want my co-actors to love me in the same way and more always (smiles).

If you are alone with Aakriti on Children’s Day how would you both spend your time?

I think we will have lot of fun. We will study together too, and put on music and dance together. Normally on the set when we have free time, I am in Aakriti’s room or she is in my room doing the same.

Your message to your fans

First of all, I want to wish my fans a very happy Children’s Day. You need to respect your parents always, have fun in life and study well. Also please keep showering your love for Myra as well as Amyra. Love you all!!

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