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The role of Dustu from Zee Bangla’s Saat Paake Badha changed my life – Oindrila Sen

Oindrila Sen is one of the most popular and gorgeous actresses of the Bengali entertainment industry and she’s earned quite a lot of fame and popularity courtesy some good work. Some of her best works in Bengali industry are Abhimanyu, Bandhan, Saat Paake Badha, & Phagun Bou. We got involved in a candid conversation with Oindrila to know more about her journey so far and a lot more. Read to find out –

When was the first time you realized that you wanted to take up acting?

Well, since I stepped into the industry as a child actor at the age of 7, I was too young to realise my passion at that time. It was solely the decision of my parents to make me try my luck in acting. I used to take dancing lessons since a very young age and my teacher used to praise my expressiveness, telling my mother that I have what it takes to pursue acting. Although the words of the teacher made my parents think of getting me to this profession, the incident that had actually brought them to this decision was when director Anindya Sarkar, who was shooting for his telefilm in Digha, saw me there as I was holidaying in Digha with my family. Even though I was very small at that time, I was completely enthralled by the process and environment of shooting. Seeing me observing how scenes were shot, how makeup was done with so much of interest, caught the attention of Anindya Sarkar. He then offered the address of Tollygunge Studio to my parents, suggesting them to visit there if I ever wished to act. By the time I had reached the age of choosing a profession, I was already working in the industry and I knew that this is what I wanted to do. So it’s more like my profession has chosen me, than me choosing it.

You did few Bengali films like Abhimanyu and Bandhan but without any doubt, the audience have given the most amount of love to you for Phagun Bou serial. What do you think is the reason behind Phagun Bou doing so well and how did it change your life?

Yes, I have been fortunate enough to share screen with superstars as a part of superhit films like Abhimanyu and Bandhan and although my character in Phagun Bou has received immense love from the audience, the role that had actually been a life changing one was that of Dustu from Saat Paake Badha, a Zee Bangla show. It was the turning point of my life as that was the very first time I appeared on screen as a lead. It received immense popularity with Dustu becoming a household name. The success of this show turned out to be the foundation of my fanbase and even after 4 years of break after Saat Paake Badha, I was amazed to see that the love for me in the hearts of the audience remained unchanged, which they showered on Phagun Bou, making it top the TRP charts immediately after it went on air. It changed my life as the love I received has inspired me to keep doing better, to present a developed and better version of myself, going for only the good projects which my audience will love to see.

The role of Dustu from Zee Bangla's Saat Paake Badha changed my life - Oindrila Sen 1

What about Mumbai and the Hindi entertainment industry? How do you think the industry in Mumbai is different from that of the regional Bengali industry?

Since I have not yet worked in the Mumbai industry, I will not be able to say much about it. However, I respect each and every industry, be it Bollywood, Tollywood or the Punjabi industry. My respect and admiration goes out to wherever there is good work and something to learn from. In my opinion, the Hindi entertainment industry cannot be compared to the Bengali industry since one is a national industry whereas the latter is a regional industry. The only difference that can be seen between the two industries is that the Hindi entertainment industry being the national industry is very vast and as a result of that, it has a relatively wider reach than the Bengali industry. Movies and series made in Mumbai have a widespread reach all over the country whereas the Bengali industry has its reach within the Bengali speaking region only. However, the difference now is getting narrowed by different film festivals through which the films and series made in the Bengali industry reaches Mumbai and also the whole country.

Any plans to shift work base to Mumbai?

Haven’t planned for anything like that yet since I am engaged with continuous projects currently. I have just completed shooting for a film which is awaiting its release soon. Besides, I am reading multiple scripts and talks of some projects in the upcoming year are going on. However, if I get offered with any meaty role from Mumbai with which I can reach and connect to both old and new audience better, then I will love to do it with everything it takes. Mumbai industry is a vast industry and I will be more than lucky to be able to be a part of it.

Lastly, what do you think is the most significant difference between Bengali TV industry and Hindi TV industry and what can both the industries learn from each other according to you?

The Bengali TV industry has its reach within the Bengali region and on the other hand, the Hindi TV industry has a wide reach throughout the entire country, being a national industry. There are many things that both industries can and are already learning from each other as we can see popular Hindi serials being remade in Bengali and vice versa. This shows that both industries are doing well and are recognising each other’s good work and hence remaking it in their own languages. In the end, the ultimate goal of both the industries is to keep doing good work and keep winning hearts of the audience.

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