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Candid chat with Aashka Goradia

It is silly to diss a money-making genre: Aashka Goradia

Talented and good looking actress  Aashka Goradia, who has just entered &TV fantasy show, Daayan, can’t understand all the song and dance about the naagin-dayan-chudail genre. She had earlier also been part of Naagin 2 on Colors. “Lets face it, India is the capital of superstition. Many still wait if a cat crosses their path. We are a country of diverse beliefs. Also, the larger than life genre allows the viewers an escape from their mundane life,” says Aashka, who was last seen in Nach Baliye along with better half, Brent Goble.

“Finally, everything boils down to numbers. Makers will obviously create what sells. And as mentioned above, even now there is a great deal of connect with naagins and dayans in tier 2 and tier 3 towns, where TV has now penetrated. Have we not heard people often talking of evil eyes (nazar) bedevilling them? No one stops people from talking in such a way, yet we don’t like it when someone makes a show on the same belief systems.”

Here Aashka also questions several TV actors who make big statements that they’d rather sit at home than do something as crazy as Naagin. “My simple answer is please do, for there are large numbers of other actors who are more deserving than you or need the role more than you.”

“The ideal approach if you are not comfortable with my genre is simply to decline. Why diss it by saying how can anyone watch? And please, don’t tell us your opinion for honestly, nobody cares. You are not doing anyone (audience or storytellers) a favour.”

“Guys please, we are running general entertainment channels and not an intellectual seminar factored on progressive/regressive facets. If you really want to use your grey cells, please go to NASA. And honestly, from 50,000 shows, only one or two will really be uplifting society. So who are we trying to fool?”

“And  the biggest joke is that these naysayers are laughing at the ones who are making oodles of money (max viewership), and in the process, also antagonising fans and channels,” says this girl who has been hosting a business show for CNBC Gujarati for a few years now.

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