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Silver screen’s style icon, an astounding beauty and an absolutely well-dressed actor, Jennifer Winget has us crushing on her in more ways than one!

Our Style Crush of the Month: Jennifer Winget

Despite hundreds of females dominating the television industry, Jennifer Winget has a different place in our hearts! Her charm, her personality keeps us gaping in awe and we can’t help but adore her in everything she wears, syas and does! Not only on the screen, but she has held her poise even off-screen and we have got to say, her candid looks and snaps are way more prettier than ever.

She didn’t let the failure in her marriage become a bar in life, but rather improved herself and became the inspiration for her fans all around. Jennifer Winget has managed to set an example for all the young women out there, who shouldn’t let themselves be held back, despite the circumstances.

Our Style Crush of the Month: Jennifer Winget 1

She is a delight to talk to; even a short video featuring her can make first-time viewers her fan! She is a fashionista, with an impeccable fashion sense. She inspires wardrobes and amazingly styled looks all across India. This fashion icon has been an absolute inspiration for all her fans till date and if you ever want to pull yourself a page from her style book then you can simply look around on her Instagram profile and we are sure you’ll be inspired.

Our Style Crush of the Month: Jennifer Winget 2

She is humble, often taking trips to McDonalds. Isn’t that so relatable! We go to McDonalds too and now you know, she just might be right there, sitting in one of those outlets and casually munching away.

Our Style Crush of the Month: Jennifer Winget 3

Jennifer Winget loves to experiment, try out bold looks and make bold moves, and we all have even seen just how perfectly they work for her. Her beauty is unmatched, and she pulls of each of her tests with utmost confidence and grace. Who won’t be mad for a woman like her!

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