Badho Bahu fame Rytasha Rathore speaks about her working experience on TV.

There is a lot of fakeness in the TV industry: Rytasha Rathore

Rytasha Rathore is spreading magic not only on-screen through her acting talent but also off-screen with her Insta posts.

This confident and super-talented actress, who comes from a theatre background, has already managed to make a special place in audiences’ hearts with her portrayal of Komal in &TV’s Badho Bahu.

Rytasha, who debuted with the above mentioned show feels that working for a TV show is a tiresome job.

“TV is extremely tiring. We just work day-night and there is no personal time for an actor. However, I love the quickness, speed on this platform. I am a very spontaneous actor. I love the time between action to cut. I hate when there are discussions. It happens a lot of time that an actor who is ready for her/his scene has to wait for the other. I have faced this many times,” said the actress.

When asked Rytasha about one thing that she hates on TV, she averred, “Why is it a daily soap and not a biweekly? I think while preparing daily episodes, we sometimes forget to maintain the quality, with importance given to quantity and that is what I hate the most. We should focus more on quality than quantity.”

Talking about what TV has thought her, she quipped, “I have learnt a lot of good things. However, I also learnt that there are a lot of people who are very sweet to you on face but they bitch about you behind your back. This industry is filled with fakeness. I also learnt that acting is a luxurious job for others with the exception of the lead actors. The unit members work more than actors as they are preparing each and everything to make our life little easy. I think we should respect them for their work.”

Rytasha feels that TV believes in business.

“TV is entirely business-oriented. At the end of it, the channel sees its economy before anything else. If a show is going off air or a replacement of the lead face is going to happen, it happens because there is something better coming up. It is not unfair for the actors; it is not that the person is not doing a good job. There are 15 others who are more talented than you; so they should be given a platform to showcase their skills.”

The actress finally mentioned that she would love be part of a dance reality show like Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa instead of wasting time by being part of Bigg Boss.

Wish you best of luck, Rytasha!!

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