In conversation with Prince Narula

Current Bigg Boss contestants not being original: Prince Narula

Actor-singer, Prince Narula, is in a happy phase. Not only has he just got married, but is also looking forward for his debut film to go on floor.

“I have a busy year ahead. First I will return as gang leader in Roadies (he led a team in the last two seasons as well). Then I will start shooting for the above film in March.” He refused to give out more details, saying, “It is always better that the producers make the relevant announcement. “There are few other TV projects in the pipeline as well. I love TV and will never give up this medium.”

So what preparation are you doing for your shift from the small screen to the big screen? “Well, I am really working on my acting and diction skills. Regular grooming is also going on. However, to be honest, my main priority is my singing, with my single about to come out soon,” says this multifaceted dude.

Prince began as a model in PTC Mr Punjab, before being first noticed in Roadies as a contestant (2014). He then went on to win Bigg Boss, where he met better half, Yuvika Choudhary.

His first brush with acting came in &TV show, Badho Bahu. “I give full credit to the entire team for teaching me a lot. I regard my 2-year stint as a learning curve that will hold me in good stead down the road.” Since then, he has done cameos in Laal Ishq and Naagin 3.

When asked about the current season of Bigg Boss, Prince says, “It is not working, for the simple reason that all house mates wrongly believe that fighting is the only way to success. They forget that you also need to entertain your audiences. Also, none is being original; rather, they all are resorting to the tried and tested formulae of previous seasons.”

Here, we asked him as to why most Bigg Boss winners or contestants quickly fall by the wayside. “You need to understand that reality TV success is huge but short lived. So once out of the house, you need to quickly use your newfound fame to get work. Sadly many get carried away by the hype and hoopla, and end up spending their time in trying to milk the same or just party away. It does not work like this, for very soon, one more season comes around and you are history.”

“This same rule applies to all realty shows. Having said that, reality TV does give you the chance to show your real true self to the audiences. You are merely following a written script in fiction.”

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