Ojaswi Aroraa happy with TV

Pari is a character that every girl will want to be: Ojaswi Aroraa

Ojaswi Aroraa, currently seen in STAR Bharat sitcom, Kya Haal, Mr. Paanchal, is one smart TV gal. Unlike other fellow small screen compatriots, she is not interested in abandoning the medium that has given her name and fame (Aasman Se Aage). No wonder, she let go of Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt starrer Gully Boy, directed by Zoya Akhtar, for the above Optimystix Entertainment show about a man having to deal with five wives.

“I too have film dreams, but will not do anything that will not only scuttle my TV career but also harm my TV producers, as commitments are meant to be kept.”

She also does not want to join the list of TV actors who dumped their medium for films and then had to eat humble pie. “This has happened a lot, for sure.” Her last long-running character was in Badho Bahu.

Ojaswi’s love for TV is so strong that she is not very game for the new web medium either. “It is still to find its feet and I will only opt for it if something really juicy comes my way, which should not hamper my TV dates as well.” She is also not comfortable with the entire dare-bare web avatar, “So TV is good enough for now.”

Here Ojaswi informs us, “Not many know that when we were first cast for the show, I was chosen to play French-speaking Prema. But after a couple of days of readings, the director-producer approached me, suggesting that we think you should play Pari. I immediately said yes, for Pari is something that the doctor ordered, i.e. she is very sweet and pretty, which every girl wants to be.”

“I have added some of the popular punch lines of the character, for example her laughter when her mother-in-law calls her akkal ki mallika. I am very cute in real life and want to carry forward the same to screen. Pari’s dumbness makes her even more endearing.”

Ojaswi, who has been lucky to play different characters, i.e. mytho, horror, negative and now a dumb bimbo, takes the new TV norm of having young girls as leads in her stride. “Despite that, I am playing Pari, which is like a main lead; and I am not 17 by any stretch of imagination. So it all boils down to suiting characters and doing justice to them.”

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