Tina Datta is a heartthrob beauty in the town. The actress in her latest avatar shows her charm in the beautiful green embellished saree. Let's take a look below

Tina Datta Spreads Her Charm In Green Embellished Saree, Watch Credit: Tina Dutta Instagram

Tina Datta recently captured our hearts with her top-notch fashion moment in an embellished avatar. Her blingy look with the golden glow balances elegance and charm, making us fall for her beauty. Let’s take a close look at her embellished avatar.

Tina Datta’s Embellished Avatar

Wow, wow, and how! Tina Datta knows how to rule over hearts with her fashion choices. The diva, this time, wore a beautiful greenish-blue saree  that’s a great piece of art. With the visuals, it seems Tina Datta is wearing a plain saree embellished with matching beads. She pairs her look with the sensual low neckline with sleeveless hands. The greenish outfit shines in the golden light.

To adorn her look, Tina Datta opts for a beautiful diamond embellished choker necklace; adding some extra sparkle, she puts up a long motif chain while the small stud earrings complete her look. The high bun braids decorated with diamond embellished accessories give her the look of a queen’s charm. She elevates her overall appearance with bold winged eyeliner, rosy cheeks, and nude pink lips. In the dreamy setup, Tina Datta spreads her charm in the green ensemble. At the same time, the floral background adds an extra dose of sophistication. Tina looks absolutely stunning.

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