Vinta Nanda who let out the dark secrets that were troubling her for 19 years, talks to about her feelings after letting out the truth.

Today, I am fearless: Vinta Nanda

Vinta Nanda the senior creator literally said that she waited for this ‘moment’ to come for 19 years!!

With so many years of suffering and pain within, the very acclaimed creative personality mustered courage to recount and speak of the unruly and horrific incident when she was raped, brutalized and harassed by the alcoholic and obnoxious actor who ruled the TV industry at that time.

Well, even as we write this, Vinta has not legally taken action against actor Alok Nath for physically humiliating her years back. However, the uproar that has been created owing to this #MeToo moment of Vinta has gotten a lot of people on her side, giving her the support and motivation to deal with her life as fiercelessly as possible in the days to come. got in touch with Vinta Nanda for an exclusive talk and the woman told us that the inspiration to let out the cobwebs from her closet came from the recent #MeToo campaign that has shaken one and all. “The #MeToo movement gave me the strength to come out with the burden I carried in my heart for years.”

Ask her whether she has interacted with Alok Nath at any point of time in all these years and she is quick to say, “No. I had just distanced myself from the world and created my own world of friends.”

The whole fraternity seeks an answer to whether she will be taking any legal course of action in getting Alok Nath punished for his misdeeds and she states, “Frankly, I never thought that my coming out would garner so much of support and grow. I had merely written it for my friends on my Facebook to lighten my burden. It took me a lot of courage to come out and I have not decided what to do next. But today I am fearless. I want to take this to its logical ending. I would like each woman to come out and make their perpetrators to book. They should not suffer in silence.”

May you gain more courage to fight your battles and take the person responsbile closer to his doom!!

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