Writer Salil Sand, who was EP in Tara, talks about Vinta Nanda incident

It is high time we start treating people on their capabilities rather than how good they are in bed: Writer Salil Sand, who was EP, Tara

Vinta Nanda’s #MeToo moment wherein she has come out with her dreadful past of being sexually abused and raped, has created a furore in the TV industry with reactions pouring in from all quarters.

Earlier in the day, we put out the thoughts of Amita Nangia, a prime actor in the cast of Tara, the show which laid the premise to Alok Nath and Vinta Nanda coming face to face.

Well, as we write more on Vinta’s alleged rape story, let us tell you all that Vinta is yet to file any legal complaint against the popular actor Alok Nath. She has not even directly named him in her post on Facebook.

Moving on, we at IWMBuzz.com decided to touch base with Salil Sand who is a known Writer in the TV fraternity. Back in the past, during the era when Tara was at its helm of airing, Salil Sand was the Executive Producer of the show. He was also the EP of the other show of Vinta Nanda and Raman Kumar, Raahat.

When asked him about the Vinta Nanda allegation on Alok Nath, he said, “Basically, Alok Nath’s booze, misbehaviour is all what we used to hear. I was quite junior at that time. Secondly, we could not do anything because the story revolved around him and Navneet Nishan. Navneet used to tell us all the time about Alok Nath’s misbehaviour, but we could hardly move a stone. In fact post Buniyaad, it was Tara that brought Alok back into the game.”

“Now with Vinta Nanda coming out with whatever happened to her and to her lead actor of Tara, after 19 long years, I really wonder why people are questioning her intent. Vinta or Bebu as we all know her, is certainly not here for cheap publicity. If she was here for cheap publicity, she would have come out with this long back. I strongly feel that it is easier said than done for anyone who is on the outside to judge what that person is going through. You can only understand if you go through the phase. Be it a rape victim, acid victim, a burnt victim, what they go through cannot be measured. Their physical scars might heal, but mentally nobody is aware about how they are,” he explains.

“I think we should respect this fact that Vinta has opened up. Honestly, this is not restricted to women, even men go through this all the time. The reason why men do not come out is because for them, it is a big shame. But yes, it happens all the time!! It is high time we start treating people on their capabilities rather than HOW GOOD THEY ARE IN BED. This is all that I want to say!!,” he strongly adds.

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