In today’s Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan, The family is elated after Agastya defuses the bomb. Tara meets Yug and says that her mom told her a lot about him. Mona notices that her phone is missing. Vicky tells that the family tied him up in the room upstairs and fooled her. Mona, Shanaya, and Yug go to check on Vicky who has been missing from the house for a few days. Pakhi says that Vicky can use the phone to call Meera and alert her if she is in trouble or has any kind of emergency.

Yug and Shanaya are shocked to not find Vicky in the room. Just then Vicky attacks Yug from behind and he faints. Agastya gets a police call and learns that Meera got doubts. He goes to catch her and Pakhi insists to accompany him.

Naveli scolds Mona for being careless. Tara says to Naveli that her mom used to tell her that one should forgive others’ mistakes. Agastya and Pakhi learn that Meera is going to the Pandal. In the house, everyone in the family slaps Vicky.

Meera reaches the Pandal. Agastya and Pakhi also reach there. God’s veneration is going on. Meera tries to escape from there when she sees the police. Pakhi catches Meera’s hand on her back. She pushes down and places her foot on her saying that God is with them.

Vicky takes the inspector’s gun and holds Tara at gunpoint. He drives off in a police jeep along with Tara. Yug goes after Vicky on the bike. Pakhi says to Meera that her chapter ends where she tried to make them do wrongdoing. Just then Vicky arrives.

Vicky says to Agastya to deposit five crores in his bank account and drops him in Nepal, then he will return them to Tara. Meera sees a knife and stabs Vicky, saying that this is the punishment for betraying her. At home, the family prays to God to help Pakhi and Agastya.

Pakhi prays to the universe to help her. Meera moves backwards and her cloth falls on the diya and catches fire. She burns and dies. After one year of a leap, Pakhi and Agastya join their family with Tara and their second newborn baby.