Sai Ketan Rao who plays the lead in Star Plus' Imlie, will now be playing a new lead character in the show. This twist will happen after the death of Agastya. Read this newsbreak here at

Exclusive: Sai Ketan Rao to play a look-alike of Agastya in Star Plus’ Imlie

Star Plus’ long-running show Imlie produced by Gul Khan’s 4 Lions Films has been doing well on the rating chart. The recent track was to bring the happiness of seeing Agastya (Sai Ketan Rao) and Imlie (Adrija Roy) getting married. However, the new twist about Kairi and Dhanraj’s past, has torn them apart.

The upcoming track will show the shocking death of Agastya, and this is already suggestive as per the precap shown. With this, Sai Ketan Rao’s future in the show has been put into question.

There have been many reports in the media speculating the exit of actor Sai Ketan Rao from the show.

We at have dug out some interesting information about the new lead entering the show.

A source tells us, “Agastya’s death track has been in the plan for a while now. The new story plot will come as a surprise to the audience. Sai Ketan Rao will soon re-enter the show, this time, as a new character.”

Yes, this is the plan!! A look-alike of Agastya will be introduced soon.

We hear that Sai will don a new avatar, with his screen name being Surya. He will be a dark character with a negative shade.

Well, where does this new entry take the story plot of Imlie? It will be interesting to see how this new character fits into the plot, to unleash new dramatic twists.

Is Surya a different entity altogether? Or is there more to come?

We buzzed Sai but did not get through with a comment.

We reached out to the Producer and channel spokesperson, but did not get revert till we filed the story.

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