Suhasi Dhami who plays a very different role in Zee TV’s new show talks about her character and show.

True love is all about becoming more confident: Suhasi Dhami

Making a comeback after a long hiatus post Devon Ke Dev…Mahadev, Suhasi Dhami is essaying the role of a single mother in Zee TV’s upcoming show Aapke Aa Jane Se (Bodhi Tree Production) that launched today on 5 January (2017).

The show narrates a bold concept of a love story which revolves around a woman of 42 years and a young man of 24 years. This story shows how society treats a couple with a difference of 18 years where the lady is a single mother with a daughter that is about the age of her spouse. This story will conceptualise how the couple remains together despite of the society’s view of how a “normal” couple should be.

Commenting on the concept of the show, she says, “There are only 4-5 kinds of love stories on Indian television. One such type is what we are going to portray in our show wherein we are doing something different. I think audience is ready to accept different kind of shows. There have been shows which had different concepts but they got good response from viewers. I hope audience accept our show.”

Ask her about her sabbatical period, and she shares, “Sometimes, I felt agitated but there have been times when I felt that the most beautiful thing in anyone’s life is to become a mother and have a baby. I feel I have taken one step ahead in life. I enjoyed my sabbatical period. My family has been very supportive. They never bother me and give me my space to enjoy my life. Now, they are happy that I am back on-screen.”

Suhasi says she never had a particular role in her mind for her comeback, “I was returning to small screen after three years; so I was open for any kind of roles. I just thought that whatever offers I get, the one I find the best, I will accept that. Thankfully, I got a great opportunity and I am doing the show. I am really excited for it,” says the Yahaan Mein Ghar Ghar Kheli fame actress.

Sharing her thoughts on the word true love, she avers,”I feel true love is what your heart says. When you fall in love you become more confident, that is the definition of true love for me.”

On an ending note, she thanks her fans and quips, “Thank you for supporting me in my journey. I would say please watch the show and enjoy.”

Good luck and welcome back Suhasi!

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