Salman Khan spills the beans on his flirting history

I used to flirt a lot with my teacher: Salman Khan

Sony Entertainment Television’s Dus Ka Dum never fails to entertain and with Salman Khan hosting the show, each weekend becomes more Dumdaar than the earlier one. In the upcoming Dumdaar weekend episode, fans of the show and show’s host are in for a surprise of a lifetime as Salman Khan spills the beans on his flirting history!

When the question was asked,  ‘How many percent of Indians fell in love for the first time with their school teacher?’ popped up on the show, Salman barely skipped a beat before divulging a crazy secret that he used to flirt with his teacher when he was in school! Now we know that the most eligible bachelor from B-Town has had his share of leading ladies on and off the screen, but this revelation came as a shocker to everyone including Badshah and Raveena Tandon who were the guests contestants on the show.

Delving deeper into this secret, Salman shared how he used to find different opportunities to flirt with his teacher. He also cheekily admitted that he used to drop his school teacher home on a bicycle and even went to the extent of removing the bicycle carrier to ensure that he got the teacher to sit in front of him where he could almost hold her. Being quite open about it, he further added, “It is impossible for someone to not have a crush on their teacher. Most people won’t admit it, but I openly say that I used to flirt a lot with my teacher.”

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