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Aakriti Sharma aka Kulfi of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala gets into a conversation on Children’s Day.

We are like one family on the set of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Aakriti Sharma

Aakriti Sharma our dear own Kulfi from Kulfi Kumar Bajewala, the popular Star Plus show produced by Gul Khan and Nilanjana Purkyasstha is our next celebrity kid for the Children’s Day Special!!

Aakriti Sharma who is presently shooting outside Mumbai for the very important Kartarpur Gurudwara segment in the track took out some time from her shoot schedule to talk to us at IWMBuzz.com.

The talented prodigy actor sounded low and distorted in her voice, owing to a throat problem, but managed to talk herself through our questions…

Over to you, Aakriti…

Hello everyone, I am Aakriti Sharma. Today is Children’s day and it is a special day for kids.

What do you like to do the most on this day?

As I said, it is certainly a special day. We kids like to play a lot on the day and have fun. We like to shop and eat chocolates. However, I will not be able to eat chocolates today as my throat is really bad. You can make out with the way I am speaking to you.

Yes, your throat is really bad. You take care of it… What is planned for today?

I am presently out of Mumbai shooting for a sequence. The pack-up will happen early today, and then I will celebrate the day by playing. I always go with my brother on Children’s Day to roam around. I knew that I will not be in Mumbai on this day; hence we planned it out few days back and had fun. We ate pizza and enjoyed a lot.

How has the journey of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala been?

The journey from start to present has been really good. I never knew acting earlier, and now I am learning a lot. My co-actors and Director Sir have taught me a lot.

What is your most memorable moment from the show?

My first episode of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala has always been my favorite episode because the song in the episode is what I like the most.

You have flourished into a very good actor. Take us through the journey.

I have never learnt acting. Actually I used to copy everything and everyone I saw at home. So I guess this was my first step to learn acting. I have otherwise done a lot of plays on stage and have danced too on stage. I was very happy the day I got to know that I bagged the show.

How is your music sense in real life?

I like music. I love all the songs from the show Kulfi Kumar Bajewala. I also like to hear to various musical instruments.

You are shown as a singer in the show. Will you ever like to learn music in real life?

I have not learnt music. But I have the passion to learn it. I now want to learn keyboard.

Have there been any sad moments from the show?

Yes, the sequence where my mother dies. That was a very emotional one.

With the show’s progress, the bond shown between Kulfi and Amyra has grown stronger. How is this new phase?

We are best friends. We always play together. Myra and I come from Delhi. So we gel really well.

Your favorite moment with Myra Singh.

When we play together.

What do you call each other?

I call her Myru and she calls me Akku.

Your favorite moment with Mohit Malik who plays Sikander.

Actually we all are like a family on the set. Mohit Bhaiya and I enjoy a lot.

What is the best quality that Kulfi has?

Kulfi is multi-talented. She can cook, can sing and dances well, she never lies, she never loses, and mingles well with all and takes care of all.

Do you miss working with Anjali Anand aka Lovely?

Yes, she is not shooting with us now. And we all miss her a lot.

Finally your message on Children’s day, Aakriti Sharma

Well, everyday is Children’s Day for us kids. It is Jawahar Lal Nehruji’s birthday and we need to celebrate the day by remembering him.

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