Star Bharat’s Meri Gudiya will introduced child actor Jenisha Bhaduri who has a lot of promise.

Welcoming Jenisha Bhaduri the new child actor with Star Bharat’s Meri Gudiya

Television has always been a successful platform for child actors who are talented.

The list of child artists that have gained name and fame from the television industry is long and never-ending!!

Amidst today’s popular child artists like Aakriti Sharma, Tanmay Rishi, Vidhaan Sharma, Myra Singh and many more, here comes a new and cute kid Jenisha Bhaduri.

Jenisha has already started winning hearts from the time the promo of Writers’ Galaxy’s upcoming show on Star Bharat, Meri Gudiya hit the tubes.

The girl has the freshness, innocence and looks really cute in the promo and we cannot wait to see her more.

Producer Anirudh Pathak’s new concept Meri Gudiya as we know is about the love of a kid towards her mother who is no more and finds her mother in her cute doll.

This supernatural fantasy tale will have all the emotions and drama that will keep viewers glued.

To tell you more about Jenisha Bhaduri, she has been the eye-candy on the set of Meri Gudiya, and is always the center of attraction on set.

As per a reliable source, “Jenisha’s pleasing talk, her cute and innocent face makes every actor on the set happy. The set holds a cheerful and happy ambience with everyone taking care of the kid and her necessities.”


We also hear that Jenisha who was settled in Pune has shifted base with her parents to Mumbai for the show.

Meri Gudiya has actors Aalisha Panwar and Gaurav S Bajaj playing the lead roles.

Here’s wishing Jenisha Bhaduri all the very best!!