Worshipp Khanna will miss the show a lot.

Worshipp Khanna’s emotional adieu to Kunwara Hai Par Humara Hai

Actor Worshipp Khanna will miss everything about the BIG Magic show, Kunwara Hai Par Humara Hai!!

With BIG Magic going for a revamp and shutting down the comedy genre shows on the channel, Worshipp is emotional about the development.

Says the actor, “Yesterday, we gave our last shot for the show. It was very emotional for all of us. I am very much connected to my character of Chotelal. You get to play such a character rarely in your career. He was so colourful and fun. Also, the chemistry between Manav (Ravish Desai) and Chotelal was loved the most.”

On a thanking spree, Worshipp states, “I thank my Producers Saurabh Vanjara, Sanket Vanjara and Sirbhi Vanjara. The four months journey with the show has been memorable. We have enjoyed a lot. Yes, it is time to move on and get into another character.”

Worshipp bonded well with actor Ravish Desai and he claims that he will miss that the most!! “Ravish played my brother in the show. But I have to tell you that I have found a real brother in him. We connected so well. And we will be friends for life.”

Worshipp, we wish you luck for your next!!

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