TV actor Rohit Purohit is a heartthrob in town. The actor currently appears in the ongoing show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, portraying the role of Armaan Poddar. Apart from his on-screen performance, the actor engages his fans through his social media presence, often sharing anecdotes from his personal and professional life. Today, Rohit shares a glimpse of his wife Sheena Bajaj’s reaction to receiving a surprise from her husband.

Sheena Bajaj’s Reaction On Surprise By Rohit Purohit

Taking to his Instagram handle, Rohit re-shared the story his wife, Sheena Bajaj, posted. In the video, Sheena reacts to Rohit’s surprise as he brings so many chocolates for her. The actress in the video reveals that she asked Rohit to bring a single chocolate as she is not feeling that great today. Upon Sheena’s request, Rohit surprised her with a bunch of chocolate. Expressing her frustration, the actress said, ” That’s why I never ever tell him to get anything.” While Rohit reacted, “One kuch nahi hota mere sath me.”

Later, Sheena questions Rohit why he does this and continues laughing. As Rohit plays with the chocolates, Sheena asks him, “Why do you do this? Once in a year, I ask you for something, and this is what he does.” Further she says, “Kyu tune aise kiya, ye sab abhi kal return hoga. I don’t wanna have it; I have too much sugar.” However, Rohit very sweetly opens the packet for his wife, Sheena.

View Instagram Post 1: Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Actor Rohit Purohit Surprises Wife Sheena Bajaj With Chocolates, See Her Reaction

Re-sharing the story, Rohit replied, “I swear aadha samaan Tumhare darrrr se nikaal kar aaya hunn.”