Jai Shri Republic

Arnab Goswami is back on TV with Republic...an analysis on his high-profile return


The charisma and the clamour is back. News is back. Nation is back. Arnab Goswami is back.

Hyperbole and vocal vexation is quintessential while writing a piece on ‘The’ Arnab Goswami.

A larger than life figure, Arnab’s return to television news has created mass hysteria -almost euphoric- beyond expectations.

There are reporters, anchors and there is Arnab Goswami. He is an epitome of journalistic success and an example of supreme, unparalleled hard (read: smart) work.

His exit from Times Now trended across social media platforms, a hitherto unknown phenomenon charting new definition of popularity. He trended again with announcement of his own venture Republic TV.

Republic TV, which is currently the talk of the town, is on test run and is expected to launch officially on 6 May (2017).

We wish Arnab and team success as post all the machismo and self patting bravado, the real test begins.

Republic TV is a one man show, it’s Arnab’s playfield. Our friends and fellow scribes at the organisation shared that Arnab has been working relentlessly to bring Republic to this world, often to the extent of exhaustion of team members, but the emotion is that of elation, not exasperation.

Arnab is a strong voice, a phenomenon. It would indeed be sad if he resorts to shadow boxing in the name of news

This is where Indianwikimedia would like to share a couple of points with its readers.

You can hate him or love him, but cannot ignore him. He is revered and despised. His brand of journalism is a disruption, a clutter breaker, much to the chagrin of the establishment.

Having said that, Arnab’s Republic pitch and messaging finds parallel to political humbug and pseudo nationalistic jamboree. His investors find roots in the ruling party, hence his discourse sounds more of a diktat.

We came across a Twitter conversation between Newslaundry’s observation and Barkha Dutt’s retort. Here’s sharing the screenshot below:

Now, it could be a case of grapes being sour, or a sly ploy to project one as being ‘the voice’ while singing and dancing to the tunes of the popular political gallery.

Arnab is a strong voice, a phenomenon. It would indeed be sad if he resorts to shadow boxing in the name of news. His programming tonality finds semblance with sentiments of pseudo nationalistic interests. Using the art of media priming & framing, will he disseminate and plant ideas & thoughts to create ground for those who control Republic TV’s financial funnel? Or he will make genuine resolute effort to keep propaganda separate from factual news? Well, only time will tell.

Talking about Republic TV’s promotional hoardings, Arnab is in the mood to demolish. He will walk over everyone to create his own path. The words used as part of messaging stems from negativity and caters to baser human emotions.

Arnab is synonymous to success and growth. If he is good, he would shine undoubtedly. We feel the image created is that of a destructor, not a creator. And constipated expression of Arnab on the hoardings relegates him to being a caricature. Why do that?

Arnab is spontaneous, free and liberal…the campaign fails to capture the true & real spirit, we feel. Rest, to each his own.

Come 6 May, television news will again be riveting and engaging (read: entertaining). Come 6 May, opinions will become judgements and debate & discussions…dictatorial. So be it…that’s Arnab for you. However, we hope he proves all of us wrong and doesn’t make us say, ” Jai Shri Republic”.

Heil Arnab!!!

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