Review of SAB TV’s Baavle Utaavle: Hilarious and supremely appealing ‘Visfotak’ love story review SAB TV’s latest show Baavle Utaavle

Review of SAB TV’s Baavle Utaavle: Hilarious and supremely appealing ‘Visfotak’ love story

Baavle Utaavle – #GuFu ki Visfotak Love Story, produced by Rajan Shahi under the banner Director’s Kut highlights the journey of two curious adults from a small town, where the youth have just one goal, to find love and get married.

SAB TV is back with a RomCom which is the story of Guddu and Funty who are desperate to meet their soulmate and explore companionship; coincidently they meet each other for the first time under their bhaiya and bhabhi’s suhaagrat bed and fall in love.

The show begins with Guddu’s (Paras Arora) dreaming about his first night. However, he gets upset after learning that it is his dream. Guddu’s family members his Amma (Neelam Pathania), Badi Amma (Veena Mehta) and Dadi gear up for his elder brother, Brajesh Dhimole’s (Vaibhav Singh) wedding to Funty’s (Shivani Badoni) cousin, Sonarika (Mohita Srivastava). Amidst the wedding drama, both Guddu and Funty wish to meet their soulmate. Their curiosity and a slight blunder take them under the suhaag-raat bed of the newlywed couple. Though caught in an embarrassing situation, their life too changes as they fall in love with each other at first sight and decide to set off on a journey.

The show is set against the rustic backdrop of the Madhya Pradesh landscape that captures the quirks of society in a small town in India where there is a subtle acknowledgment that marriage fulfills the desire for physical intimacy and love follows later. Considering that the show is set in Madhya Pradesh, the typical North Indian tone is aptly picked up by the characters and it is witnessed by the way they talk.

The attention to detail, the expressions of the actors, the costume, set, all these prove that the job is done well. The dialogues are extremely well-written, with brilliant turns of phrases, well-placed puns and hilarious punch-lines.

Now, coming to the casting of the show, Paras, who has played various shades in his acting career is debuting in comedy genre but he nails it with his performance. The newbie girl Shivani Badoni is doing a good job so far to play her innocent character. The supporting characters too fit their roles.

After watching the show, we feel it gives a harmless yet humorous twist to topics like physical intimacy. With a unique concept and strong storyline, this show is poised to catapult the prime-time television viewing experience.

We at rate this effort with a 3 out of 5 stars.

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