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Amit Dolawat creates a short film that is indeed inspiring.

Amit Dolawat turns creative, makes a special short film during lockdown

Amit Dolawat has always been a thinking actor!!

His versatility in the roles he has portrayed speaks volumes of his creative mind always choosing the best!

Now with him locked down in his home, he was surely in a battle to make the most of the opportunity.

And the lockdown has actually ended up inspiring him to create something new!!

We hear that Amit has created a 1-minute short film titled ‘Its Okay to be Not Okay’.

The best part is that the short film has now gone for two lockdown short film competitions.

Says Amit to, “I pushed myself beyond just acting, to writing, editing, background music, voiceover, poster design, all with a sincere and innocent attempt of creativity.”

“Along with social distancing, I am also practising social media distancing, TV distancing, WhatsApp forwards distancing. I just put the News for 2-3 times in a day, for a minute or so, and take the updates. I check social media once in a couple of days, pass my time in learning online skill enhancement classes like dancing, cooking, meditating, yoga, chanting and praying. The lockdown requires a new personality, adaptability, spontaneity when it ends and when life begins again. I am doing everything in a small way to prepare for a new life altogether.”

Best of luck, Amit!!

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