OMG! Salman Khan reveals some shocking details of Arhaan Khan's life which will give Rashami the shock of her life in Bigg Boss 13

Bigg Boss 13: OMG! Arhaan Khan has a child, reveals Salman Khan

This Weekend Ka Vaar episode with Salman Khan will unfold major truth and this revelation will shock the contestants and viewers.

Salman Khan will lash out at Arhaan for blackmailing the contestants by talking about their past life. Angry Salman will tell Arhaan that he is going to reveal some shocking details of his life to Rashami right away.

The host would ask Rashami if she knows about all his family members. He will slowly reveal that Arhaan has a wife and even has a child. This will give Rashami the shock of her life and she will be left aghast.

Recently, Arhaan re-entered the show and proposed Rashami for marriage.

What will be Rashami’s reaction?

Watch this space at for updates.

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