It’s that time of the year again when the internet is rife with speculation over who will be the probable 13 candidates to be locked into the Bigg Boss House in the 13th instalment of the wildly popular reality show. Speculating, names-dropping, conjecturing – almost every entertainment guru worth their salt has let out a list of probables.

In the midst of the melee surrounding possible candidates for Bigg Boss 13, we’ve drawn up our own list of celebs that are worthy enough to merit entry into the coveted house. Check out our list of the Splendid Sixteen-

Hardik Pandya-

Bigg Boss season 13: Wishlist of contestants 6

Hardik is no stranger to controversy, having courted Indian cricket’s biggest controversy in recent times. Foot in the mouth is his favourite syndrome, and things soon escalate into a stormy spiral – with him in the midst of it. A prime candidate for the Bigg Boss house, if ever there was one!

Anu Malik-

Bigg Boss season 13: Wishlist of contestants 3

Nothing ruffles the feathers of the unflappable singer-musician, not even getting caught in the tumult of the #MeToo movement. He is the kind that thrives when thrown into the deep end of the pool. Or the rough and tumble of the Bigg Boss house, perhaps?

Anveshi Jain-

Bigg Boss season 13: Wishlist of contestants 4

The drab Bigg Boss house could definitely do with some hot and sultry, what say? Gandii Baat 2 siren, Anveshi Jain, is a sure-shot crowd-puller in those stakes. A win-win for both, in our opinion.

Barun Sobti-

Bigg Boss season 13: Wishlist of contestants 5

The heart-throb has been missing in action for a long time, and his humongous fan base is yearning for a piece of the actor ever since. His entry into the Bigg Boss house will kill two birds with one stone – earn the show loads of attention from the millions of Sobti fans, and amp up the hotness quotient of the house.

Bhuvan Bam-

Bigg Boss season 13: Wishlist of contestants 10

If there’s one thing that the Bigg Boss is in dire need of, year after year, it’s a hefty dose of good, old-fashioned humour. That makes Bhuvan Bam a prized asset for the house. Who knows, he could even get audiences-voters to laugh their way into making him the winner!


Bigg Boss season 13: Wishlist of contestants 7

Spinning a web of words and getting his way with audiences is second nature to Rap King, Badshah. Match that with his awe-inspiring flamboyance, and you’ve got a winner! After all, the gift of the gab is all you need to win Bigg Boss over.


Bigg Boss season 13: Wishlist of contestants 11

Salman Khan fire-fighting out of the house as host and bodyguard Shera locked up inside the house as inmate— what could be a quirkier turn of fate than that. Shera would definitely make an infinitely interesting Bigg Boss contestant.

Vivek Oberoi-

Bigg Boss season 13: Wishlist of contestants 1

Vivek Oberoi and Salman Khan — a face-off that has us drooling in anticipation! And after that lousy AishwaryaRai meme, Salman Khan is most certainly itching to get back at the enfant terrible of the film industry. Yes, Vivek Oberoi and the Bigg Boss house is a match made in heaven!

Ankita Lokhande-

Bigg Boss season 13: Wishlist of contestants

From making it big in the TV industry on her own steam to slugging it out in the big bad world of Bollywood, the girl is a fighter. And fighters are welcomed with open arms into the Bigg Boss house. Get her into the house, and we’ll be rooting for her all the way.

Urmila Matondkar-

Bigg Boss season 13: Wishlist of contestants 15

The poor girl couldn’t win enough votes in the recent LokSabha elections. Maybe audiences will take pity on her and shower her with votes in the Bigg Boss house. The lady’s fiery campaign speeches were quite high decibel and entertaining. Her entry in the house sounds like an exciting proposition!

Tanushree Dutta-

Bigg Boss season 13: Wishlist of contestants 14

The initiator of the Indian #MeToo movement and an alleged #MeToo accused – locked together in the same house! Ooh, it just can’t get better than this! Fireworks are bound to fly when the plain-speaking Tanushree Dutta, the woman who inspired the barrage of #MeToo cases in Bollywood, faces off with #MeToo accused Annu Malik.

Sunil Chhetri-

Bigg Boss season 13: Wishlist of contestants 2

Sedate and sagacious Sunil Chhetri is the perfect addition to the list of motley Bigg Boss inmates we’ve dreamed up. The eminently respected captain of the Indian Football Team could be the voice of reason and sanity in the cacophonous fish market that the Bigg Boss inadvertently turns into.

Tahira Kashyap-

Bigg Boss season 13: Wishlist of contestants 12

How we love a fighter who survived to tell the tale. And Tahira is a survivor in the most grueling of combats humankind has ever faced ­– fighting the big C. She’s one gutsy woman and a battle of wills is right up her alley. Prime Bigg Boss material, hell yeah!

Tanmay Bhatt-

Bigg Boss season 13: Wishlist of contestants 13

Poor Tanmay had to eat humble pie when AIB dissolved into a messy tangle recently. The man must be itching to prove his mettle. And what better way to do it than slugging it out in the Bigg Boss house – the one place that effectively separates the men from the boys!

Jennifer Winget-

Bigg Boss season 13: Wishlist of contestants 8

The darling of the masses has a lot going for her. She’s beauty, brains and feisty spirit, all rolled into one alluring package. So how about testing whether the girl is as spirited as she projects herself to be? Let’s lock her in the Bigg Boss house and wait for some telling answers that are bound to follow.

Karan Singh Grover-

Bigg Boss season 13: Wishlist of contestants 9

Will he, won’t he….aah, judging by the recent see-sawing by the man over his entry as Mr. Bajaj in the popular KasautiiZindagii Kay reboot, he seems to be an expert at wilful deception. This quality alone makes Karan Singh Grover the classic candidate for getting locked up in the Bigg Boss House. Move over pretenders, here comes the contender!