The Desi Hoppers team will fly to USA to perform at the exhibition of World of Dance 2017.

Desi Hoppers to be the ‘showcase performer’ at World of Dance 2017

Desi Hoppers, the first-ever Indian troupe to represent the country at the World of Dance Championship has now bagged yet another international distinction, that of being the showcase performer at the World of Dance 2017 that will be held on 22 July at Pasadena Convention Centre Pasadena Los Angeles, USA.

Ably lead by Shantanu Maheshwari, Macedin DeMello, Nimit Kotian and founded by Palki Malhotra, the Desi Hoppers has achieved many a milestones with its innovative hip-hop. Now, the team will be flying to USA on the 19th of this month.

The Desi Hoppers made this development official on its Instagram account. And this news will only add to the thrill of the ardent fans of Desi Hoppers all around the globe!! connected to Palki Malhotra, Founder of Desi Hoppers and Shantanu Maheshwari, the main pillar in the dancing crew of Desi Toppers to know about their thoughts as they ready themselves for their next big challenge.

Shantanu said, “I am very excited, at the same time happy because no other dance crew from India has earlier performed at the exhibition at this level. Yes, it is a big responsibility on us and we are ready for it.”

Expressing her excitement, Palki told us, “Oh, it is fantastic. The whole idea of spreading the culture of dance world-wide is great. Lot of people are trying to get international artistes to perform in India. What we should really try and do is to make ourselves so much better that people start inviting us over, take us there and treat us like equals and also appreciate our culture. The best way of celebrating dance is to do an exhibition, and we are going to do the same.”

When asked about the other international artistes with whom they will be performing, Shantanu said, “They are supposed to give us a list, but we have not got it yet. There will be dance troupes from all over the world uniting under a roof to celebrate dance. Few will be involved in workshops while few will be showcasing their performance at the exhibition.”

On representing India at such a huge International level, Shantanu explained, “This is the first time that a crew from India will be performing and presenting a showcase. This makes us all the more responsible to up to the mark in our performance, as we are the ones who have followed their dancing style.”

When asked about the kind of performance they will showcase there, Palki said, Well, I cannot let out that. It is for all to see. Originality is what I have believed in. That is what we are trying to do. We are definitely going to offer our original in the hotplate of hip hop, that is their pioneering dance form. Also, we have invented our own dancing style ‘Street Mation’ which has street dancing with animation. That’s our dancing style and we will be original. And I really hope they understand it.”

Here’s wishing the entire team of Desi Hoppers all the very best for their exhibition showcase!!

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