Dev Kang, brother of late Gagan Kang, is incensed with media reports of the actor drinking & driving causing fatal accident

Gagan did not drink & drive, media reported rubbish: clarifies ‘brother’ Dev Kang

Dev Kang is in pain, emotionally unstable. Gripped by deep melancholy, Dev often weeps alone, seeking answer from God for his irreparable loss.

“My mom is not well. Life has changed for bad. Memories flood in and I weep in a corner. Gagan is no more,” says Dev Kang in a choked voice, brother of Gagan Kang and an industry professional having worked in the production/creative department in shows like Maharana Pratap.

The world received a jolt as the news of Gagan and his co star (Mahakali) Arjit Lavania’s death (along with another co passenger) in a car accident spread like wildfire. (read here: Mahakali TV actors Gagan Kang and Arjit Lavania dead in car accident)

As news gradually became noise, Gagan and Arjit’s family members slipped into an abyss of pain & despair.

Certain sections of the media reported of Gagan being at the wheel on the day of the unfortunate incident and apparently he was drunk. This reportage has infuriated the entire Kang family.

“We are angry. Subah 8 baje kaun daaru pita hai yaar (who drinks at 8 in the morning)? Know what…Gagan never consumed alcohol. He was health conscious. Media reported as per their whims and I absolutely detest it,” says Dev to IndianWikiMedia.

So where did the story crop from? “They said it’s as per some eye witness account. We checked with the concerned publication and it mentioned of verifying the statement from the cops.  When we asked the cops, they said no reporter bothered to check with them. Kuch bhi likhoge kya? (will you write as per your whim)? All rubbish.”

Dev challenges the media reportage stating that if Gagan was indeed drunk, his post mortem report would have said so.

“The report is available for everyone to see. It states death due to sudden cardiac arrest. It was so sudden that he could not even shut his eyes. Everything was over within a fraction of a second. Top of that, flop actors started giving media interviews stating ‘uske family se koi nahin aya’ (none from the family reached the death spot). We rushed immediately after we heard the news. We are family, he is my brother. If we did not reach then who did the final rites? Sad, people tried to gain publicity out of someone’s death.”

Dev, before signing off says, “Our lives are no longer the same. Please spread the truth, at least people will know what happened that day. Rest, we miss Gagan a lot.”

Dev, we understand your feelings and we wish you and your family strength and positivity during hour of pain. RIP Gagan.

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